Why Is Brand Strategy So Important?

Brand Strategy helps you shape the perception of your brands audience. It defines and differentiates your brand and focusses on how you want your target audience to perceive it. Basically, it helps you work from inside out and makes you understand why your brand exists beyond making money.

Brand, Branding, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo design are used very loosely and interchangeably on a regular basis. But for your brand to start being noticed and start attracting the right audience, it is relevant and extremely important to have a strategic plan that will help bridge the gap between business objective (your vision, mission and goals) and design (visual appearance of your brand)

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why Brand Strategy is so Important

  1. It helps you focus on the BRAND CORE (Vision, Mission and Values).
    • Why you are in business other than maybe the obvious reason of making money. How you look to achieve the mission that you set out to achieve. What are your values and how do they resonate with your audiences?

  2. It focusses on how you want and especially should POSITION YOUR BRANDin the market
    • Who are your target audience and where are they. Who are your key competitors and what are they doing similar or differently to you. How are the target audience and your competitors positioned and where do you see your brand. It thus lays the foundation for your marketing strategy and helps you understand what should be your key areas of awareness goals.

  3. It lays the foundation for you to create more accurate BRAND PERSONA
    • In today’s world its not just about having a beautiful looking brand (logo and colours and typeface) but its about giving your brand a personality that resonates with your audience. Having a clear brand strategy will focus on how does your brand want to come across, what is its personality (characteristics). This will further be the defining factors in creating the magical visual elements that will over a period of time become the face of your brand.

Final thoughts!

So do not underwrite and underestimate the relevance of systematic development of a brand. It may feel little less exciting but it will lay the foundation for you to approach the branding journey in a focussed and targeted way.

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