7 Reasons – Why Every Small Business Should Have a Website?

In today’s rapidly growing online world where every other information is at your fingertips, it is unusually surprising how many small business owners still do not think having a website for their business is relevant -“I don’t have the time”, I’m not tech savvy”, “its too expensive”, “I am already on social media platforms,” or “actually I do not require one.” – are the common answers you get to hear.


88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store.

Digital world continues to transform the way we connect with people and share information. Also, Covid-19 has further made us realise that relying solely on bricks-and-mortar to run our business could put our business at risk of not being able to service customers holistically. Amount of time that we are spending on internet either for buying a product, using a service, reading a blog, entertainment or for various other reasons has increased tremendously.

Having a website for business owners of any size has become crucial than ever. And the the reality is, you don’t need to be tech savvy, getting a professional website for your business can be easy and cost effective, and rather not having a website is costing you time and money.

If you already have a shop with a physical presence, or are considering starting a business, here’s why now is the time to think about having a website…

7 Reasons – Why Every Small Business Should Have a Website?

1. Your customers expect you to be online :

It’s more important than ever that your customers are able to find information about you, your product / services from your company’s website. It goes without saying, we Google first before we make a purchase. Even if we want to purchase something from a local store, we first try to find information and search online hoping to be guided correctly through the relevant businesses website. But just imagine at this point if your business doesn’t have a website what message does it sends to your potential customers – “maybe you are not operating”, or that you’re not interested in finding new customers and FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS!

2. Helps build trust and credibility:

There is no doubt having a well designed user friendly website, boosts your businesses credibility and helps take a step forward towards building your customers trust. You are able to showcase your expertise and clearly communicate information related to your products / services. It will help develop a comfort that you are serious and mean business.

3. Build your Brand:

Having a website will help you to showcase your brand to your potential customers. You can create a clear vision, what your business stands for and represent who your are and make it look exactly the way you want, with your own brand and logo design.

4. A website is 24/7:

Having a website – means your business is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are an e-commerce site or a just providing relevant information on product or service, you do not have to restrict to business opening hours. Customers can access your website and avail your services or get the information they need, anytime even from the comfort of their homes.

5. Increases your market reach:

As your business can be reached by anyone from any country around the world, geographical barriers are a thing of past. Market expansion has never been easier. This widens your customer base and helps with lead generation and sales.

6. It is cost-effective:

Having a physical store requires a huge investment – (staff wages, rental, utilities to name just a few).Rather if you are a start-up or a small business, creating a website is much easier and cost-effective. With many free web development platforms getting your website has never been more efficient.

7. Being on Social Media is not enough:

Lot of businesses think if they have a social media profile / page for their business its enough. But remember you are usually stuck to the social media platform you choose. Algorithms with social media platforms are constantly changing, what is working today may not work tomorrow. Also, customer trends change, people move from one tool to the next, but your website is in the same place available to everyone. It speaks your vision, what you want and you have all the control over the content and messaging.


Living in the digital world, having a website is crucial for any business. Without one, consumers won’t know you exist and you will miss out on opportunities to build a credible brand and expand your reach.


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