"Creating a new website is never easy but Sheetal made the whole process fluid and manageable. From start to finish she has shown to be very professional, very creative and always going the extra mile. She asked the right questions, listened well and did her research to find out more about what I do and how I would like to serve my clients.

She was able to help me with my branding journey and created a beautiful website based on what she learned about Breathwork and what I was able to bring across to her. I am very pleased with the result and I would happily recommend her to anyone who would like to create a new, or refresh an existing, website and or create a brand strategy. Her quality of work is very high for a very reasonable price as well.

Thank you Sheetal for your creative mind and thinking always with me. Hope you make many more beautiful sites". Ingrid 

"From start to finish Sheetal has shown to be very professional, very creative and always going the extra mile."

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When Ingrid reached out, she expressed dissatisfaction with her current website, feeling that it didn't accurately represent her work and values. She believed that her website lacked personality. After delving into her Breathwork Journey, we conducted a deep analysis and worked on a design that was both strategy-led and reflective of Ingrid's work, values, and unique personality.

Details:  WIX Website Design, Mobile Responsive Design, Logo Design, Copy Writing, Image & Page SEO, CANVA Tutorials


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